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The Easy, 20% Discounted Way Out: How Non-Disabled Individuals Take Advantage of the PWD ID

While a PWD ID is very ideal for many PWDs who may not be able to afford basic necessities and other commodities, it also creates opportunities for many non-PWD individuals to take advantage of the discount.

Written by Leo Nicdao and Edited by Rai Nuñez

“I still feel some type of exclusion in some way”: Accessibility, Inclusion, and Quality Education for Learners with Disabilities in the Philippines

For learners with disabilities (LWDs), the fight for accessible education can feel all the more bleak and dystopian. Systemic issues and a lack of specialized teachers relegates them to the margins, locking away their potential.

Written by Andrew Lerasan and Edited by Sab Therese

Bridging the Gap: The State of Assistive Technology in the Philippines

Assistive technology has the potential to revolutionize mobility, communication, and cognitive abilities. However, despite this, the question remains: Is assistive technology accessible for the Filipino PWDs who need them most?

Written by Joie Ocampo and Edited by Ysabella Mendoza and Leo Nicdao

Setting the Trailblaze: How PWD Entrepreneurs Are Reshaping the Business Landscape

The achievements of PWD entrepreneurs serve to challenge and break down stereotypes, demonstrating unequivocally that disability does not equate to inability.

Written by Ysabella Mendoza and Edited by Anna Olonan