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Hear more from our members as they share their personal insights about our different projects and initiatives. By spreading our own experiences and voices, we reach more people and inspire others to become fellow advocates for the PWD sector.

ExSpress 2021-2022 - Transparency Post

Last October 2021, we officially launched ExSPress, Ateneo SPEED’s online donation drive, for the benefit of the organization’s partner areas and beneficiaries. It has been a successful project and we have raised a total of PHP 72,500!

Ateneo SPEED

Spaces of Love: How St. Francis cultivates quality education online

In view of the difficult challenges faced in an online setting, Ms. Monette Magundaya, speech rehabilitationist and SPED headteacher advisor of Grade 4-6, sheds light on St. Francis’ inventive strategies.

Written by: Abbey Flores, Ren Vera and Yaffah Foronda


Valentines was months ago but it's still never too late to celebrate it! Catch couple Jaelene Mina and Rimar Joe, a visually impaired couple, in this new Speak Out episode.

Guest Speakers: Ms. Jaelene Mina and Mr. Jake Reynado

Building an Inclusive and Resilient Society Through Filipino Sign Language (FSL) and Education

An interview is conducted with San Roque National High in regards to the importance and accessibility of Filipino Sign Language (FSL) in the educational sector of the Deaf community

Written by Angel Coleto, Sophia Sy , and Bianca Lipana and edited by Teri Ramos and Dani Concepcion