Choo! Choo! Ateneo SPEED’s ExSPress has finally arrived at the last station! 🚉

Last October 2021, we officially launched ExSPress, Ateneo SPEED’s online donation drive, for the benefit of the organization’s partner areas and beneficiaries. It has been a successful project and we have raised a total of PHP 72,500! We would like to thank everyone who donated and shared information about the project — we wouldn’t be successful without your generous support. 🙏

We used the donations to purchase school, sanitary, and cleaning supplies as well as food and vitamins for our beneficiaries. And as of June 8, 2022, we have already delivered the purchased goods to them. 🛒

You may view the amount we have collected as well as the amount our beneficiaries received in this transparency sheet:

Once again, thank you for your support and may all our efforts lead towards a more inclusive society! 🤗